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Le Story


We are le bent. Founded by old friends, we originally set out to create the ultimate ski sock.

Mateship, good times and a shared passion for all things snow and outdoors is what defines le bent.

It’s what we love most.



Strong experience is at our core with 10 years technical boot fitting experience in an award winning boot lab in Val'd'Isere France, coupled with 15 years of professional skiing. In the boot lab we developed a deep understanding of the synergy between feet, socks and boots, witnessing first-hand how the wrong gear ruins a day on the hill. This is the same for not only skiers and boarders, but hikers and runners the world over. This knowledge was intertwined with innovation to design a sock delivering the ultimate in comfort and performance for all your adventures.



Designing the perfect sock required the best knitting techniques in technical designs and the ideal fibre blend containing all the attributes of merino without the itch. Two years of R&D, vigorous testing and refinement was completed before we landed on ‘le sock’ with our signature blend and Definitive Fit SystemTM.


Comfort. All Day Every Day. 

Our leading new signature blend of rayon from bamboo and merino.

Our first step in creating the ultimate ski sock was creation of the optimal yarn blend. Inspired by the great outdoors, we explored two of nature’s finest and amazing resources, bamboo and merino wool. The innovative blend was crafted by an expert team over many years including Australia’s peak scientific body (the CSIRO). The merino wool keeps you warm, super dry, and fresh, while the rayon fibre made from bamboo delivers a luxuriously soft and comfortable feel on your skin. The result is ultimate comfort and maximum performance, perfect for outdoors adventure.


Performance. Wear After Wear.
Quality. Stitch After Stitch.


The second step in creating the ultimate ski sock was the technical design which took time, perseverance and serious ‘slope’ testing. The sock has been technically designed to address the issues most commonly faced by skiers, runners and hikers with a form fit and support where it matters most, our Definitive Fit SystemTM. Using the latest in weaving and stitching techniques ‘Le Sock’ was born. Not just any sock, Le Sock.


With our signature blend working so well why stop at your feet? Our blend was extended to other ‘first on skin’ layers taking advantage of the technical fibre benefits and super soft, luxurious feel. We won’t settle for anything less than pure ‘head to toe’ comfort, nothing should get in the way of good times in the outdoors. Our system of first on skin layers is so soft and comfortable that you’ll want to sleep in them.



We love the outdoors, from skiing and boarding, through to riding, hiking and running. Everyone deserves to enjoy their adventures.  That's why every inch of our products is designed for ultimate comfort and maximum performance. Run after run, trail after trail, day after day, season after season. It’s what we do. So put le gear on and get amongst it.


le bent

Feel the difference.

line after line, trail after trail, run after run.


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