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07 July 2017

We at Le Bent were humbled to take part in this amazing adventure with great mates, following in the footsteps of the early Australian alpine explorers.

Over 3 weeks of camping, skiing and snowboarding on the main range with several different groups including our Line-Up members Chris Booth (expedition leader), Nate Johnston, Nic Harvey, Kieran McLaughlin, Watkin McLennan, Simon Dawes Blondel and Ryan Tiene, spirits were at an all time high with high fives pumping and endless BC lines. 

Check out the trailer here:,-retracing-our-alpine-past

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Thanks to everyone who made it as epic as it was, and mother nature for turning on the most perfect conditions to experience the Australian Main Range.

For your enjoyment, the original Roof of Australia filmed in 1957.


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