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"They are honestly the most kick-ass socks in the world"

16 February 2018

See what Jon Olsson says about our socks.

Jon Olsson needs no introduction. He is indisputably one of the best freestyle skiers in the world. From inventing new tricks througout his career to double digit Xgames medals. 

He lives the life of luxury so there's no surprise that le bent socks are one of his "favourite things in the world."

Click here for the full video and Jon's latest trip to Japan to find bottomless POW!  



Le Sock Snow Ski Sock Ultra Light Black

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Le Sock Snow
Ultra Light

Le Sock Snow Ski Light Grey

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Le Sock Snow

Le Sock Run Sock 3/4 Crew Natural White

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Le Sock Run
3/4 Crew

Le Sock Run Sock Light Micro Grey

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 Le Sock Run



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