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Big Mountain Skiing In Australia... You Bet

06 October 2017

"So grateful for the opportunity to chase this dream!"

le bent team rider Coen Bennie-Faull on his winning line at the Buller X.

After a tantalizing wait all winter for snow and weather conditions to align the first “Buller X” extreme freeride competition got underway at Mt Buller yesterday afternoon in superb spring conditions. Australia’s freshest elite snowsports freeride event took place in the steep ‘double-black diamond’ rated terrain off Mt Buller’s summit with an enthusiastic crowd of onlookers taking up viewing points in resort and an international audience tuning in for the live webcast.

An international panel of judges reviewed all the runs and settled on le bent team riders Coen Bennie-Faull and Nate Johnstone as the overall winners for ski and snowboard respectively.

“It was an incredible display of Australia’s rich freeriding talent and I am blown away by the lines these athletes produced for the first ever Buller X presented by Rip Curl. They are all world-class,” said event founder and director Tony “Harro” Harrington.

le bent team rider Nate Johnston on his winning line at the Buller X.




  1. Nate Johnstone (NSW)
  2. Ryan Tiene (NSW)
  3. Allie Coates (Vic)
  4. Nathan Louis (NSW)
  5. David Gill (SA)
  6. Tim Vlandis (NSW)
  7. Sabrina Fiebig (Vic)


  1. Coen Bennie-Faull (Vic)
  2. Edward Casey (NSW)
  3. Ryan Cooke (NSW)
  4. Danny Foster (Vic)
  5. Ben Murphy (NSW)
  6. James Mort (NSW)
  7. Katya Crema (Vic)
  8. Harrison McInnes (NSW)
  9. Tom Weber (Vic)


Behind the Buller X presented by Ripcurl from HarroArt on Vimeo.

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