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Le Bent Definitive Balaclava Review - Newschoolers

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Le Bent Definitive Balaclava Review - Newschoolers

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Another great review on the Le Bent range, this time it's the Balaclava 200 who gets the rave from Newschoolers  in the USA. 

"When I was given a Balaclava to review I didn't even know if I'd be able to say anything good about it. In my experience I've never put one on that didn't feel like someone was trying to squeeze a balloon over my head and that didn't fog my goggles like I'd just stepped out of a steam room.

The Balaclava 200 completely changed my mind about these things though. They seem to have found the perfect balance of quality fabrics (Bamboo, Merino Blend) and design.

It has a two panel cut that separates the mouth and headpieces. This gives you a ton of leeway to wear it under the chin or bring it all the way up to meet your goggles. The Bamboo fabric gives it the perfect elasticity to feel nice and loose while remaining fitted enough to stay in place. 

It's also no secret that Merino is just about as good as wool get's. It's breathable, warm, and not the least bit itchy. I wore this on a typical Quebec ski day at Tremblant where there was everything from perfect blue bird inversion at the top to snow falling down in the low clouds, but at no point did I ever feel too hot, too cold, or too wet. 

Like I said, I've never put on a balaclava that I didn't hate, but this thing get's a 10/10."


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